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Your telephone infrastructure is often overlooked and as a result, you can end up being on a package that’s no longer suitable for your needs. As part of our audit we identify specific costs and charges such as Fixed line spend, Call costs, Mobile phone contracts & usage, Monthly broadband expenditure and Hardware.

Working on your behalf we’ll assess spend and look to determine if the current call and line rental tariffs are specific to the actual needs of your organisation.


It’s important that your package and the Service Level Agreement evolve as your company grows. With this in mind, we will always match your company with a market leading service provider offering the following as standard:

  • Commercial stability
  • Reliable network
  • Trained and responsive customer service team providing a single point of contact 24/7
  • Multi-site billing platform
  • Competitively priced solutions
  • Transparent and independent tariff analysis
  • Accurate invoices via a single bill
  • Clearly defined management reports showing summaries and billing details

Is your package really suitable for your organisation’s requirements?

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